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Set DescriptionCardPlayer(s)StockPrice
Buy it Today1998 Best Autographs Signature Series21Glaus, Troy2$5.00
Buy it Today1998 Best Base Set68Glaus, Troy28$0.18
Buy it Today1998 Best Base Set15Glaus, Troy31$0.18
Buy it Today1998 Best Bets7Glaus, Troy1$1.00
Buy it Today1998 Best Diamond Best16Glaus, Troy1$2.50
Buy it Today1998 Best Number One Pick23Glaus, Troy1$1.00
Buy it Today1998 Best Promos Signature Series4Glaus, Troy1$2.00
Buy it Today1998 Bowman 1999 ROY FavoritesROY2Glaus, Troy9$1.50
Buy it Today1998 Bowman Base Set134Glaus, Troy47$0.18
Buy it Today1998 Bowman Bowman's Best153Glaus, Troy15$1.25
Buy it Today1998 Donruss Signature122Glaus, Troy4$1.75
Buy it Today1998 Fleer Tradition Update87Glaus, Troy15$1.25
Buy it Today1998 Topps Tek61Glaus, Troy4$1.50
Buy it Today1998 Upper Deck Retro104Glaus, Troy5$0.38
Buy it Today1999 Bowman Base Set341Glaus, Troy49$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Bowman Bowman's Best121Glaus, Troy27$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Bowman Chrome D.A. Refractors1Glaus, Troy1$1.25
Buy it Today1999 Finest Base Set30Glaus, Troy30$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Flair Showcase12Glaus, Troy5$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Fleer Brilliants72Glaus, Troy13$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Fleer Mystique71Glaus, Troy18$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Fleer Tradition50Glaus, Troy17$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Fleer Tradition581Glaus, Troy24$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Fleer Tradition Rookie Flashback9Glaus, Troy38$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Metal Universe253Glaus, Troy16$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Pacific Crown Royale3Glaus, Troy3$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Bowman Base Set68Glaus, Troy24$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Bowman Bowman's Best92Glaus, Troy22$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Bowman Bowman's Best Impact PlayersIP4Glaus, Troy5$0.35
Buy it Today2001 Bowman Chrome50Glaus, Troy32$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Bowman Heritage354Glaus, Troy2$1.60
Buy it Today2001 Donruss 1999 Retro61Glaus, Troy10$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Donruss 2000 Retro57Glaus, Troy4$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Donruss Base Set206Glaus, Troy1$1.00
Buy it Today2001 Donruss Base Set6Glaus, Troy69$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Donruss Class of 2001 Base Set84Glaus, Troy33$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Finest Base Set105Glaus, Troy34$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Finest MomentsFM17Glaus, Troy3$0.50
Buy it Today2001 Fleer Authority34Glaus, Troy18$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Fleer E-X72NPTGlaus, Troy29$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Fleer Focus126Glaus, Troy26$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Fleer Focus BigInnings20Glaus, Troy4$0.25
Buy it Today2001 Fleer Futures65Glaus, Troy32$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Fleer Game Time38Glaus, Troy41$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Fleer Game Time New OrderNO7Glaus, Troy4$0.35
Buy it Today2001 Fleer Game Time SticktoitnessS9Glaus, Troy5$0.48
Buy it Today2001 Fleer Genuine42Glaus, Troy32$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Fleer Legacy86Glaus, Troy14$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Fleer Platinum286Glaus, Troy3$0.75
Buy it Today2001 Fleer Platinum 20th Anniversary Reprints15ARGlaus, Troy6$0.50
Buy it Today2001 Fleer Platinum Series II310Glaus, Troy59$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Fleer Platinum Series II461Glaus, Troy64$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Fleer Premium130Glaus, Troy36$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Fleer Premium A Time for HeroesATFH14Glaus, Troy2$0.45
Buy it Today2001 Fleer Showcase103Glaus, Troy5$0.50
Buy it Today2001 Fleer Showcase Awards Showcase19ASBGlaus, Troy1$0.75
Buy it Today2001 Fleer Tradition112Glaus, Troy61$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Fleer Tradition396Glaus, Troy62$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Fleer Tradition Diamond Tribute18DTGlaus, Troy10$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Fleer Triple Crown11Glaus, Troy28$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Fleer Triple Crown Crowning Achievement1Glaus, Troy4$0.50
Buy it Today2004 Bazooka Base Set99Glaus, Troy9$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Bazooka TattoosTEGGlaus, Troy6$0.25
Buy it Today2004 Bowman 1st Edition30Glaus, Troy4$0.29
Buy it Today2004 Bowman Heritage122Glaus, Troy37$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Donruss Base Set371Glaus, Troy13$0.25
Buy it Today2004 Donruss Base Set80Glaus, Troy40$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Donruss Classics114Glaus, Troy27$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Donruss Diamond Kings94Glaus, Troy22$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Donruss Elite1Glaus, Troy36$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Donruss Leather and Lumber4Glaus, Troy27$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Donruss Throwback Threads6Glaus, Troy24$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Donruss Timeless Treasures99Glaus, Troy6$0.75
Buy it Today2004 Donruss World Series5Glaus, Troy23$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Donruss World Series Blue10Glaus, Troy1$0.25
Buy it Today2004 Finest Base Set27Glaus, Troy10$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Flair Base Set31Glaus, Troy19$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Fleer Authentix18Glaus, Troy16$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Fleer Classic Clippings33Glaus, Troy36$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Fleer Hot Prospects Draft52Glaus, Troy49$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Fleer Hot Prospects Draft Rewind9Glaus, Troy5$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Fleer InScribed3Glaus, Troy25$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Fleer Patchworks58Glaus, Troy10$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Fleer Platinum120Glaus, Troy13$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Fleer Showcase20Glaus, Troy13$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Fleer Tradition422Glaus, Troy3$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Leaf Certified Mat.185Glaus, Troy34$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Leaf Limited TNT157Glaus, Troy1$5.50
Buy it Today2007 Bowman Base Set184Glaus, Troy129$0.13
Buy it Today2007 Bowman Heritage134Glaus, Troy47$0.18
Buy it Today2007 Finest Base Set12Glaus, Troy23$0.18
Buy it Today2007 Fleer Base Set17Glaus, Troy122$0.18
Buy it Today2007 SP Authentic Authentic PowerAP47Glaus, Troy15$0.18
Buy it Today2007 SPx Base Set45Glaus, Troy13$0.18
Buy it Today2007 Topps 1st Edition Series 2370Glaus, Troy1$3.00
Buy it Today2007 Topps All StarsAS4Glaus, Troy1$0.50
Buy it Today2007 Topps Allen and Ginter185Glaus, Troy137$0.18
Buy it Today2007 Topps Chrome143Glaus, Troy50$0.18
Buy it Today2007 Topps Co-Signers Blue17BGlaus/Vernon W, Troy1$1.00
Buy it Today2007 Topps Co-Signers Hyper Silver Blue17AGlaus/Frank Th, Troy1$10.00
Buy it Today2007 Topps Heritage422Glaus, Troy116$0.18
Buy it Today2007 Topps Homerun Derby ContestTGGlaus, Troy1$2.00
Buy it Today2007 Topps Opening Day108Glaus, Troy38$0.18
Buy it Today2007 Topps Opening Day Diamond StarsDS10Glaus, Troy19$0.18
Buy it Today2007 Topps PepsiP30Glaus, Troy5$0.28
Buy it Today2007 Topps Triple Threads24Glaus, Troy6$0.25
Buy it Today2007 Topps Turkey Red162Glaus, Troy168$0.18
Buy it Today2007 Ultra Base Set194Glaus, Troy24$0.18
Buy it Today2007 Ultra Hitting MachinesTGGlaus, Troy2$0.40
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